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Lester & May

Hey everyone, we're Lester & May : )

Welcome to our first ever blog post. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to introduce ourselves and let you know what we do and who we are.

My name is Nicole and my partner Digby (yes, that is his real name) and I both work commercially in film and tv. Digby is a full time editor for one of Australia's largest post houses and I work freelance across all forms (Feature films, Commercials and TV series) as a Producer or Production Co-ordinator. We're both creatives at heart and work on a lot of music videos, short films and passion projects as an outlet from some of the less inspiring jobs. Over the past year we've been watching a lot of our friends and family get married and have found that the content that videographers in the wedding industry provide couples is rather standard and repetitive.

So we met up with the incredible team at Feather and Stone Photography (look them up!, had a chat, worked out that we really need to start Lester and May ASAP, shot their field trip for them and now here we are!

So what exactly do we do that is so different?

Well, we tell your story (yeahh you've heard that before too...) but we really, really do tell your story. We meet with you and your partner, have a few drinks and get to know you. We want to know how you met, your first kiss, your first date, how did he propose, any fun holidays and awkward moments when he met your parents. We find out your personal styles and taste and create a concept that fits you. Then apart from the wedding, we spend another day with you filming, recreating those moments that tell people who you are as a couple. Depending on what you like, we organise studio shoots with personal hand build film sets, romantic hill top picnics, underwater filming, fun props, surf trips... what ever you want, we shoot it on a red epic (a really cool film industry camera), edit it all together with your wedding, create a 5-10min story that shows everyone who you are and how much you love each other add some animation or treatment that matches your style and done! 

The camera we use allows us to shoot in 5k (insanely higher that HD footage) and at variable frame rates that helps us capture your wedding day with superb elegance and beauty. Coming from a commercial background, we don't know the 'rules' for wedding videography, which means we can break them. We want to deliver actual HIGH END wedding films that represent the skilled backgrounds that we come from. However we want to create pieces of work that aren't disposable commercials, we want to create films filled with love, emotion and meaning that will be kept for a life time and treasured forever. 

So please, if this sounds like you, drop us a line, we'd love to meet up and have a chat!

Last night we shot our first wedding. Photos to come soon. WATCH THIS SPACE!