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Pete & Danica. Day 2

Yesterday started early. We were prepared for a rainy stormy day, however again the weather forecasts threw us. We woke up to clear blue skies and a scorching sun.

We started to construct our set early so we had time to go buy anything we thought we were missing.


Also, so we had time to go have breakfast!

We did our last minute morning shop for food and supplies and were ready to go by mid day!

Our makeup artist arrived to do Pete and Danica's make up before we turned over.
(Pete would kill us if we put online the photo of him getting his makeup touched up.)


We bought some refreshments, had them on ice and the day started smoothly! Our predicted cloud cover never came over, so it was hot! Which meant extra breaks to keep cool and hydrated


Pete and Danica were so relaxed and fun to work with. They look amazing on camera together and their happiness radiates through the images.

Digby worked with them to ensure we captured every shot we needed to share their story. We had such a fun day! Together we ended it with a picnic, sun set, cheese, bread and wine.... and a lot of glitter.

Over the next week we will keep you all updated on the post flow and how the edit and animation is coming together. Keep an eye on our facebook page and website for our official launch on the 5th of March when the wedding film goes live!