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Some of our commercial work...

Hey Everyone,

I just thought I might share some of our past work with you! Lots of people have been asking what other things we do so I thought there is no easier way than to show you!

Here are some cool photos and videos : )


I had 2 fun days of working with these guys! Sponge Bob and Dora for their 2012 Summer campaign. Film at the Gold Coast Studios

Digby had the chance to work on Jimmy Barnes Latest music video! (I'm kinda jealous)

I loved working on Strange Calls for the ABC. Barry Crocker and Toby Truslove are the funniest guys ever. No exaggeration. I was in tears of laughter daily!

Filming the new Dino Island TVCs for Seaworld in 2012

Pringles, Japan TVC! such a longggg night

Korean TVC... epic is an understatement. 24 hours on set, with an hour drive home afterwards