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Damon & Greta

We're a bit excited about this post! 

Firstly, let me warn you, this film has some 'naughty' language. So put in your head phones if you're in the office, or wait for the kids to be in bed. 

Damon and Greta have let us really show a different side with this digital save the date. 
We got to push the boundaries of what is seen as conventional and 'acceptable' in the wedding world, which is something we've been really excited about.

As you know we're from a commercial world and we really wanted to showcase what we can do for weddings. We have an edge. We don't follow the rules and we're looking for couples who want to create films that stand up and stand out. From urban music videos to cinematic romantic films. We have the creative drive to create them all.

Please share us around and like us on facebook. We really want to start changing how people see weddings and the wedding industry. We want to help create weddings that are unique and have character. Whilst capturing it all for you to remember.