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Daniel and Kate's Gorgeous Hinterland Wedding

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Dan and Kate wanted a wedding that wasn't so much about them and more a celebration of their love, focusing on their friends, family, food and music. They rented a gorgeous moroccan styled villa in the hinterland behind Byron Bay and celebrated with a simple ceremony and fabulous house party. Asian inspired catering and an ice-cream bar brought the guests together over live music and delicious food. There wasn't a whole lot tradition about this wedding, aside from the stunning bride, excited groom and a beautiful exchange of vows .
The day started out picturesque and warm but as the ceremony approach a glorious storm rolled over the venue. Brooding skies and heavy rain turned the sunny wonderland into a luscious, green serenity surrounded by spectacular displays of natures power. Dan and Kate weren't phased by the weather the slightest, in fact, we think they enjoyed filming in it.
The atmosphere as electric and full of close friendships and love.
It was our total pleasure to be a part of their day and capture it all just for them.