Daniel & Kate

Hello lovely friends and family

Was it really 10 weeks ago we were together down in Bryon?? It seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time!

When we were putting together this shindig, we wanted to plan a celebration but in a slightly different way. A celebration where the ceremony was about celebrating our love and a reception that was about celebrating the love we have for our friends and family. And when we looked at it from that angle, things kind of changed. A matching bridal party, head tables, first dances and cake (which we’re allergic to) became out of scope and focus on enjoying good food, good music and good company (+ keeping the drinks flowing) became what was important to us. And of course Jack our gorgeous mutt being able to come along!

We loved how our day turned out and again offer our heartfelt thanks for taking time off work (who gets married on a Monday?), and making the trip down to Byron to spend it with us! We know these things cost time and money and we really value you being there!

We thought you might be interested to see they day from the viewpoint of our fabulous film makers Lester & May (tell your friends about them) + promise to spam you all with photo’s soon!

 Love you all to bits!


 Kate + Daniel Webster (eek! – KB)