If you’re wanting to take a bit more of digital approach to your wedding, have you considered our Digital Invites and Save The Dates?

They’re quite simple. They’re exactly what they say they are.

We shoot you and your partner together, edit it into a 30-60 second montage (Min 30 seconds, they can be as along as you want) and create your own private webpage. Within this web page will be your film, you add your own personal messages to your guests and any other information you wish to supply.

Generally, the Save the Date is very simple. It includes your film, the date and a message to your loved ones. There will be space for everyone to comment and it becomes a ‘forum’ as such, similar to a facebook event, however much classier and more user friendly.  Please see this Save the Date for a perfect example….



These prices start at $1300.00. If you’re looking for a longer clip or more graphic elements/animation please let us know and we will work with you.

The Digital Invites have much more detail. Once you have all the big plans locked in, you can send out your Invites. This page will have your film, which specifically designed around your wedding day.

On this page will be all the info for your big day. Location, Times, Dress Code, Accommodation, Transport, Maps, Gift Registry, RSVP email contact page… Anything you want! Here is a template we have created



These Prices start at $1650.00. If you wish for a longer film, a customized graphic style and lay out of the page, or anything else you can dream of. Don’t hesitate to ask. Everything digital is possible.

Hate being in front of the camera?

Don’t stress! We can do 100% graphic designed and animate films for your page too.