Our Filims

We’re pretty different compared to your standard wedding videographers. Firstly, we have no desires to film 65 weddings a year and exhaust ourselves like factory workers churning out the exact same product. Secondly, we are incredibly boutique and cater for the couples that want something cinematic and intimate without the cheese factor and posing. And lastly, we are creative and elegant at the same time. Something that is hard to imagine and even more difficult to produce.

We don’t spend every second filming every moment that you’re going to already remember. We capture the details that you miss (and obviously the kiss). Our films are personal, we get to know you and we create a film for you that reflects your day perfectly. We don’t do 2 weddings a week because we take the time, energy and emotion to create a film for you that is unique, cinematic and a one off. We don’t follow a format, we never create the same content and we never look at your day as just another wedding.

We don’t have an exact price guide because every film is unique and every wedding is different. But to help you out our wedding ‘packages’ begin at $5500.00. 
Just send us an email at info@lesterandmay.com.au and share a little bit about your wedding with us. We love to hear all the details about your day and get to know you and your partner so we can create something really special for you both.

Here is a small selection of our favourite weddings…